Esoteric Tour 2016

04 Jun 2016 Roelofarendsveen, NL


Horaires : 22:00
Lieu : Splotsz
Addresse : Sportpad 25
Code Postal : 2371 PP


The french guys of The Witch are coming back for one show of their “ESOTERIC Tour 2016” at SplotsZ Roelofarendsveen! The band plays powerful, fast, heavy and catchy songs. Their own mixture of classic metal, heavy rock and extreme metal.

With some very good reviews from all over the world for their 2 EP’s, released in 2012 and 2014, The Witch will record their first album this year. On this tour, songs will be played that have never been played before… So be there!


Formed in late 2012, Taman Shud begins by skimming most of the bars and squats of the city of Amiens and actually starts to intensely practice the scene at the regional level after the release of their first EP in November 2013. Well received by a growing fan base, the EP had enabled the band to mix stage with other performers such as Bukowski, Spark Gap, Full Throttle Baby or the great Mars Red Sky.

After a slight reshuffle line-up behind the drums, Taman Shud invests for the second time Nowhere studio (Picardy ) to record a first album is currently being mastered and whose cover will be revealed on their Facebook page and their all new website